STEM Training for Kids

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Remote Training

Trying at comfort of your home offers a number of advantages for people who wish to get their hands on the trending technology(call for the hour). Helps optimizing your time and spending up less on travelling while you get benefits of incremental learning.

Develop Skills for Kids

* Creative Thinking
* Do it Yourself Attitude
* Problem Solving Capabilities
* Clear and Purposeful Language
* Math, Science, and Technology content and skills
* Essential Growth Experiences to carry for future


* Integrates math, science, and technology content and skills.
* Meaningful problem-based learning, integration and application of knowledge, hands-on learning in cooperative groups, demonstrable mastery of new learning.
* Robotics engages students in complex, strategic problem-solving, higher-order thinking, A set of skills that is a high priority for 21st century education.
    so beginner students can experience satisfying achievements right away can quickly move on to new challenges in a continuous progression toward greater levels of sophistication

Computational Thinking

* It is practiced when you learn how to code.
* It’s the process of creating a program, letting it run, encountering problems, dissecting, examining the problem and finding a solution so you can create something.
* At KiddyPi Kids learn coding through Game play, by developing Interactive Stories and through Designing Animations.