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Play as you learn

Our vision is to engage and ignite children's minds through smart, fun-and-friendly, "hands-on" STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education. By teaching kids computational thinking, it focuses on real world applications of problem solving. It helps them to make meaningful connections between school, work and community. Over a period of time, it can help them choose the science discipline that would like to specialise in and make a career by providing Joyful and Meaningful Learning Experience.

What is KiddyPi?

KiddyPi is an after school programming club for kids. It provides a fun platform for kids to:
* Become adventurous Science Super heroes at school
* Grow as geeky Junior Scientists at college
* Mature as Inspiring STEM Leaders at work

Why KiddyPi?

Provide cool and essential growth experiences to carry for future.
* Evolve their Creative/Computational Thinking
* Sharpen their Problem Solving Capabilities
* Inculcate in them a "Do it Yourself Attitude"
* Provide cool essential growth experiences to carry for future

Our approach to Online courses

* Carefully chosen topics and fresh, engaging course content
* Children learn from dedicated mentors
* Children are encouraged and inspired to do creative, interactive and challenging projects from the comfort of their homes"
* They engage in doing assignments during the day
* We ensure high-quality training where students learn at their own pace



Raghu Kumar C.K.

Technical Mentor

IOT Enthusiast
Passionate about teaching Kids/Students


Sandeep Srinivas


E&C Engineer
Expertise in Arduino, Raspberry Pi and STEM Product Development


Mayur Shet


T&C Engineer
Expertise in Arduino, Programming and STEM kits


Jyothi M.P.


E&C Engineer
Expertise in Arduino and STEM Product Development


Deeksha Patel


EEE Engineer
Expertise in Scratch and App Inventor programming


Parent Feedback

Nishant's Parent

Class 10
Hal Public school

"KiddyPi activity has kindled young minds, for out of the box thinking & improves their imaginative skills. Design, build, test and implement is the mantra, which will go a long way in improving the child's confidence to face challenges"

Tanush's Parent

Class 9
MES Vidyaranyapura

"KiddyPi has Unearthed a talent that had been so long unknown to us. Their means and techniques are so one of a kind that it brought out of him the desire to reach to heights"

Ananya's Parent

Class 5
The Brigade School

"At KiddyPi my daughter enjoyed both the levels she attended thoroughly. The reason being the programming concepts were explained in a child friendly manner. Work was hands on and creativity was encouraged"

Student Feedback


Class 9
Sri Aurobindo Memorial School

“KiddyPi has helped me in various ways, like helping me in programming, building robots and many other ways. Trainers are very friendly and very helpful. After coming here, I have learnt how to programme RaspberryPi and Arduino also. I enjoy coming to KiddyPi”